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Meet our new member, Zamudio

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

New Member Zamudio

"As the new member of AFP, I'll introduce myself. My name is Nathan Zamudio and hail from Choctaw Oklahoma, currently living in Edmond Oklahoma. I am married to a beautiful bride, Jill of 6 life giving years. Father to 4 children in a blended family. Jill brought my oldest boy Harper(11) and blessed me with two of our own babies, Luca(3), Livy(1.5). I brought in my oldest daughter Isabella(13), cant wait to share more on them!

Served this great nation for nearly 10 years with multiple deployments all over the globe in logistics. In the Air Force, I served from 2005-2014, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Kirgizstan, Kuwait, and multiple forward deployments throughout the middle east and Europe.

Post service, I became the owner/operator of a local web design company assisting small businesses grow in their market. I was able to earn the business and trust of multiple local companies for a 3 year period. Through Covid, it was realized that marketing was not "essential" and other means of work were sought after. I became a blue collar New Construction Plumber here in the state of Oklahoma earning my way as a Journeyman Plumber.

After some time had passed I decided to lean back into the marketing and brand management side of my skillset for extra earned income and came to the conclusion I wanted to only support companies I truly believe in. Mike and I sat down and I backed off all other companies and decided to focus on his and his alone. Best decision I may have every made. It is a blessing to work with a person that you can put all your trust in! The rest will follow!

I remain and will remain a New Construction Plumber until retirement. This skillset will also fall under the "Plus" side of the business where I can support the company with all plumbing needs of AFP customers. I am excited to support Mike and everything that AFP stands for! I am Blessed to be a part of AFP as the Head of Sales and Marketing.

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